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Power of Blended Learning The Power of Blended Learning 22-25 is a Course

The Power of Blended Learning 22-25

Ends Jun 30, 2025
1 credit


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This course highlights the considerations classroom teachers should address when preparing for a blended learning environment.  When best practices are adhered to, blended learning provides students greater personalization in their learning. Whether addressing learning during a health or weather emergency or looking for strategies that best serve student learning, this course will guide you through the pedagogy and applications that engage your students in blended learning.

Course Proficiencies

This course is an introduction to blended learning. Participants will explore the following modules:

Module 1 Getting Started with Blended Learning - Preparing for Success: Learners will be introduced to important basic concepts of blended learning. This will include the definition of blended learning, the role of the teacher, and best practices to facilitate the blended learning approach.

Module 2 Setting Online Learning Expectations and Norms: Learners will better understand how to prepare students for a successful blended learning experience. Setting clear expectations about schedules, time management, work quality, interaction with others online, and overall effort will be described.

Module 3 Digital Preparedness  - Tools and Solutions: Learners will develop strategies to select and implement digital tools and platforms that support your instructional strengths and objectives.  Know how to guide your search and figure out what qualities are the most valuable for you and your students.

Module 4 Creating a Balanced and Blended Learning Program: Guiding Students in their Learning: Learners will explore best practices to engage students in a balanced and blended learning program, including differentiation, personalization, and balance. Topics also include the need for regular community building and why and how to take our best face-to-face strategies and transport them into the distance learning space.  

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