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Using Technology-rich Pedagogies to Inspire Learning is a Course

Using Technology-rich Pedagogies to Inspire Learning

Apr 25 - Jul 31, 2019
1 credit

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Course Details Commitment: Proficiency-Based (estimated 6-8 hours per course, 1 - 2 hours per application within the course) Number of Semester Units of Professional Development Graduate Level Credit (non-degree applicable) from University of the Pacific: 1 unit Instructors: SCCOE Academic Technology Specialists Karen Larson, Martin Cisneros Abby Almerido Gena Pacada As educators, we strive to integrate technology into our instruction every day. But how often are we actually learning in an online setting? Now, we invite you to be a professional online learner and participate in SCCOE’s Professional Innovation Pathways. Each course and academy focuses on a unique digital theme, relevant research, and best practices of digital learning. Description This is the home for courses that will introduce you to four educational frameworks - Bloom's Revised Taxonomy, Depth of Knowledge, T3, and TPACK - and how students can achieve higher levels of learning by integrating the use of technology in each. This collection allows you to develop your knowledge and skills in one application, two or all four depending on your interests and needs. Only interested in Google Classroom? Use the Modules link in the left sidebar to access that module. Want to take Drive now and Task later? Great, return back to the Collaboration course when you are ready, no need to enroll again. For each individual module you complete, you will earn an open badge. This course provides you with why each framework supports sound pedagogy in your learning environment, opportunities to explore the framework, and a chance to demonstrate your competency using the technology applications within each framework. If you choose to complete all four frameworks you have an opportunity to delve deeper into classroom implementation. The implementation module is required to earn the Using Technology-rich Pedagogies micro-credential and apply for university credit. Course Proficiencies This course will introduce educators to four pedagogical frameworks that integrate content with technology: Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Depth of Knowledge, T3, and TPACK. The approaches, although different, provide educators with best practices that support and sustain the use of technology in the classroom. Each framework will provide opportunities to demonstrate proficiency through the creation of an artifact relevant to classroom practices. To qualify for the micro-credential, the participant will demonstrate the implementation of the application in their learning environment.