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G Suite For Administrators is a Course

G Suite For Administrators

Ended Jun 30, 2022
1 credit

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Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."  It goes without saying that that teams of people working together have resulted in great accomplishments.  But working together and collaborating is not a skill we are born with. It requires coaching and practice.  This course will guide school administrators through the use of G Suite tools as a way to manage tasks more efficiently so leaders can have more time to be in the classrooms and provide coaching to teachers and staff.

Course Proficiencies

The recipient has successfully completed all tasks associated with G Suite for Administrators, an academy focused on supporting school leaders as they integrate G Suite apps into their workflow.  The participant has demonstrated his/her ability to:

  • consider and reflect on the opportunity of establishing more classroom observation time.
  • identify operations that can be modified to allow for more classroom observation time.
  • add a table, personalize Page Settings, and insert images using the Explore tool inside Google Docs.
  • build a YouTube Channel, add relevant videos and share with stakeholders.
  • design a Google Form that can be used to capture what’s happening in the classroom during walk-throughs.
  • create labels and filters in Google Mail that will assist in the sorting and prioritization of incoming emails.
  • create a video session in Google Calendar to share with classrooms and/or teachers.