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Growth Mindset & Technology Integration in Your Classroom is a Course

Growth Mindset & Technology Integration in Your Classroom

Aug 1, 2019 - Jun 30, 2025
1 credit


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Building a growth mindset is more than implementing a curriculum or opening a box of books. It's a belief that could require changing deep-seated understandings about one's self. Having an understanding of mindset, and employing some basic strategies and tech tools will help all educators create an environment that instills growth in children.


Course Proficiencies

You have developed a better understanding and demonstrated that you can change student perceptions of how they learn.  By changing language and strategies, you have allowed students to embrace challenges, develop skills in persistence, and learn from each other.  You have practiced strategies to provide constructive feedback that addresses the work, not the student.  You have designed a classroom plan and provided evidence that students have shifted the way they think about themselves and their ability to learn. 

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