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Connecting Your Classroom for Global Learning is a Course

Connecting Your Classroom for Global Learning

Aug 1, 2019 - Jul 1, 2025
1 credit


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What can our students teach us and each other about the world around them? In this academy, we will practice strategies to grow your network and connect students beyond the four walls of your classroom. Using interactive websites and tools, you will experience the magic of collaborating online and offer your students opportunities to do the same.


Course Proficiencies

You have considered the impact of global citizenship on both you and your students, and you have started (or continued) to grow your PLN to connect and learn. You have considered the impact of student use of technology at home and have researched and determined a global learning web tool of choice. You have successfully participated in a global learning experience as an independent learner. You have taught a global learning lesson to your students and captured the lesson in a creative, digital way. Also, you have reflected on your next steps with this line of inquiry and learning.

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