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MICRO-Course: Fake News, or Not? is a Course

MICRO-Course: Fake News, or Not?

Aug 1 - Jul 31, 2020


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With the liberation of digital information has come a greater need to help students increase their awareness and ability to critique information sources as well as the content they read. How are we arming our teachers and administrators with support to grow in this area? Based on the Executive Summary of the Stanford History Education Group's study entitled "Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning," the Santa Clara County Office of Education has prepared a deep dive that will not only build learner-schema on this topic but will also provide applicable tools and resources to empower teachers, parents and students to become critical consumers of media. 

Course Proficiencies

You are acquainted with the recent research, challenges, and action steps being taken around the evaluation of online information. You have explored opportunities to critically evaluate online information and have brought up this topic and exercises to students in your community.

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