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Micro-Course: Do’s & Don’ts for Mainstream Teachers of Interm ELL's is a Course

Micro-Course: Do’s & Don’ts for Mainstream Teachers of Interm ELL's

Aug 1 - Jul 31, 2019


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Educators would agree that one of the best parts of teaching is seeing the flash in students eyes. The moment when something you've stated or a procedure you've tried lights a flash of curiosity in a student's eyes. However, when you're working with English language learners (ELLs), especially those at the intermediate level to comprehend English, thinking out how to light that spark and maintain engagement can feel like making a series of missteps. This course guides educators, especially mainstream teachers who are new to teaching English learners through the significant issues surrounding language development strategies for the modern classroom.

Course Proficiencies

You have explored strategies that will help you create significant learning experiences for the English Language Learner. One strategy is to use technology to help students develop language skills. You have developed a toolbelt of scaffolding strategies to provide greater opportunities for all students.

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