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Digital Lesson Planning is a Course

Digital Lesson Planning

Aug 1, 2019 - Jun 30, 2025
1 credit


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Engaging our students with creative learning opportunities generates deeper connections to content and makes learning fun. Learn about the best strategies to search out, pull together, and share content that makes learning meaningful and creative for our students. The focus is on curation and creativity to develop life-long skills and a love for creative, innovative outcomes.

Course Proficiencies

The recipient has successfully completed all tasks associated with Digital Lesson Planning, an academy focused on curation and creation of learning outcomes.  The participant has demonstrated his/her ability to locate, save and share digital content with a broader learning community.  Additionally, the participant has created content using tools that could be used as a model for classroom instruction.  Finally, the participant has demonstrated how the use of curation and creativity can be used by students in a learning environment. 

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